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Hyon, a contemporary American artist, studied painting in Italy and received her MFA from Vermont College in 1998. Hyon’s work has been shown in museum exhibitions including: Montclair Museum of Art, NJ; William Benton Museum of Art, CT; Knoxville Museum of Art, TN and the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC. Also in many private and corporate collections her series based on the human genome was acquired by the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Research in Farmington, CT. She maintains a studio in Connecticut.

Hyon’s paintings speak to the intersections of art and science, the abstract and the figurative. The concept of transformation is critical to her work and is expressed through her choice of materials, process and chance. Encaustic (hot wax) paint is her primary medium. It is one of the most transformative as fire (heat) is used throughout the painting process.

The seen and unseen aspects of the natural world inspire many of Hyon’s paintings. Concerned about our changing climate and the threat to ocean life, her latest work is conceptually relevant, thought provoking and visually arresting.

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